St. Elizabeth's
P. O. Box 476
Convent Station, NJ 07960
Birth Date: December 31
I joined the Sisters of Charity in 1953 after one
year of working in Oakite, NYC, knowing that they
were a teaching community. I did not realize how
committed they were to the education of our
sisters so that our credentials would be consistent
with others in the same fields.

In the last 49 years, I moved through all levels of
education: elementary (6th grade); high school
(Latin and a bit of Mechanical Drawing thrown in);
college (Dean of Women and director of Financial
Aid). For the last 12 years I have been engaged in
Congregational Administration, far from the
education side. But all of these ministries have
permitted me continuing education, but education
in different areas and also travel for
professional/educational purposes.

I do not know what my life would have been had I
not entered, and, yes, I sometimes wonder. I
trust that the woman I may have become under
different circumstances would somewhat resemble
the woman I have become in religious life.