Barbara Schreier
9613 W Campana Drive
Sun City  AZ  85351              Birthday- November 11
After graduating from St. Michael's, I went to nursing school in
Newark for a year and a half,  but decided nursing was not for me. I
married in 1954, and my daughter Kathleen was born  the following
year. I went to work  for Acme Mktg. in Long Island; I started as a
cashier and later, was  promoted to bookkeeper.

In 1963 I married Charlie Shahan, and moved to California.
Marrying Charlie was overwhelming to say the least!  I was an only
child, and use to a small family, whereas Charlie was the eldest of
nine children, and had three children. Charlie had a roofing business,
and  I worked with him until the economy went bad.  At that time,  
I went to work for the University of the Pacific in Stockton
California. I eventually became the Catering Coordinator for all the
dining services on campus; It was the best job I ever had!

I retired in 1996, and Charlie and I moved to Arizona . I have a
great family;  four wonderful children, Kathleen, Darla, Mark and
Douglas, and twelve grandchildren 6 to 29 years old,.  The children
have spread out, living in California,Texas, and Oregon, but they
gave me great comfort when Charlie died two years ago. I love
them all very much and I know they love me.