1. The event which has meant the most to me in the past 50 years is my
career with Port Authority Police Dept.for 37 years, 1959-1997. Through
the years I met all kinds of important and interesting people. I rose through
the ranks to Commanding Officer and had a wonderful career.

   2. Since 1952, I have become more religious and have more respect
for the lives of other people.

   3. The thing that has given me the greatest satisfaction in my life is the
gift of a wonderful family and a career that I enjoyed, permitting me to
help other people.

   4. I remember Don Wilkins and the fond memories of the track team.

   5. The teachers I remember fondly are Sr. Francis Maria, Sr. Gabriel
and Tom Finn.

   8. I remember the good times at St. Michael's with everyone
692 Ninth Street
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Birthday -  October 7
Married Edie in 1955
Five Children - Deborah, Donna, John, Mary, and Michael