In the past 50 years the events which have meant the most to me is my
marriage and the birth of our 4 children. I have not changed much since
1952(except physical, of course). I still have the same goals of doing the
best I can and remembering what I am here for. The things which have given
me the most satisfaction was being able to fulfill the many goals I set for
myself - marriage, children, teaching and helping the disabled. I remember
my great friends, Betty Duffy, Joan Horn and Eileen Lyman and the
wonderful memories we shared.

I remember the compassion Mr. Egan had for me when I tried to conjugate
a verb. My words of wisdom are never say "Never", as we are here to give,
love and share with each other.

After graduation I attended State Teachers' College in Jersey City and
graduated in 1956. I taught primary grades in North Arlington, Ridgefield
Park and Toms River from l956 to 1966. I married Ted in 1957 and have 4
great kids. I continued my education through the years in Massachusetts.
We moved from Toms River to Scituate in 1966. I taught profoundly
disabled "gifted" and regular primary grades until1995. We have retired and
enjoyed travel, grandchildren, living by the sea and volunteering our time to
physically and mentally challenged and Special Olympics.

We leave for Ohio for Ted's 50th reunion in August. Travel is our passion.
Our next trip is to train through the Canadian Rockies.

I had to honor of being chosen by my peers as "one of Plymouth County's
outstanding teachers" and was inducted into the Massachusettes Special
Olympics Hall of '96.  My best memory at SMHS is the going on
the away games during cheerleading. Most of us had not been out of Jersey
City, so going to Montclair was like going to visit another country. They
even talked funny and they couldn't do a St. Mike's Lindy like we could.

My words of wisdom to share? Never say never, we are all here to give ,
love and share with each other