In this issue, spotlight gets two for the price of one.  After years
of good education, good fun, and good friends, Lucille and I  
went our separate ways. At least until I realized I left someone
very important behind. When the light bulb went on, I began
dating Lucille and shortly afterwards we became engaged and
then married on July 24, 1954. We are blessed with one
daughter, four sons and eleven grandchildren ranging in age
from 5 to 25 years of age. Luckily they all live in New Jersey and
we see them regularly.
In 1953 I joined Ford Motor Company . Lucille took the much
harder job of raising five children. Our children are close in age
and thankfully close as a family. As the children got older I
advanced in my job, and traveled extensively in Latin, Central
and South America. My travels also took me to parts of Canada
as well. In later years, I was able to bring Lucille with me and
combine business and pleasure.
After living and working in Michigan for seven years I retired in
1990 after a 38-year career with Ford Motor Company. It was a
great place to work and provided well for us all. We're now back
in New Jersey where it all started and are enjoying retirement
very much. An added bonus at this time of our lives is the
renewal of some great old friendships from Saint Michael's. May
our luncheons continue for years to come and may our
attendance increase.
Lucille Curran Noone
Albert "Buddy" Noone
6 Chestnut Drive
Hazlet, NJ  07730

Birthdays:  Lucille - Jan 11      Budddy - July 17