Sr. Margaret Nimbley
3206 So. Aberdeen St.
Chicagoi, Ill 60608
Birthday- January 2
In the past 50 years, what events have meant most to you?
The day that I entered religious life in April 1954 was a very special day for me. It
was a big step. I remember clearly that I had a deep sense that this was what I
wanted to do. I had no doubts about the choice I was making, even though there
was some anxiety about what it would all mean. The joy of this step was the
experience that I moved in the direction I felt very drawn to and called to.

The day in January 1964 when I made my final commitment of vows in my
congregation was most meaningful. It was the experience of a full-hearted yes in
the experience of my vocation.

The day when I learned that my request to go to our mission in Hong Kong had
been accepted, I jumped up and down with joy and gratitude. I had first made this
request in 1962; my request was granted in 1964, and I left for Hong Kong in
1965. I was overjoyed when I learned that I would be going there, and I remained
there for eleven years. Many experiences happened for me in Hong Kong, all of
which I remember with much fondness. This does not mean that the adjustment to
living in another culture that is totally "other" to my own culture was always easy.
There were struggles and difficulties, but these were growing experiences that I
needed. Living in another culture and learning about this culture was enriching.
Living in community with sisters from different parts of the world was stretching for
me. Caring for people as an RN in our Outpatient Clinic was a gift to me.
I was able to bring my mother to Chicago when Alzheimer's disease was taking a
toll on her cognitive faculties. My religious congregation welcomed my mother to be
cared for at our sisters' retirement house in Chicago. I was able to visit with her
and be attentive to her over the ten years that she was there; and I was able to
be with her during the last days of her life. My gratitude for all this is immense, and
I have precious memories of her and being with her during those ten years.

What has given you the greatest satisfaction in your life?
This is not an easy question. So much in my life has been very satisfying. However,
the question asks what has given the greatest satisfaction. Without a doubt, the
greatest satisfaction in my life has been responding to my vocation to religious life
with the Society of Helpers for the past 48 years.

What do you remember about a favorite teacher?
I remember Sr. Dolorosa who taught world history. She made history so very
interesting and instilled in me a curiosity about history and its significance in
understanding our world that has remained with me.