Audrey D. Meier Ranzan
1104 Setzer Rd.
Stroudsberg, PA 18360
What events have meant the most to you?
   First and foremost, I had the good fortune to marry the right man. Bill
and I have been married for 45 years and it's still a joy and fun. Secondly,
our five children. It was a challenge having twin boys when I was 38, but it
turned into a great adventure. I got to do all the fun things one more time
- classroom mother/cub scout den leader/soccer Mom. Only this time, it
was easier. I had learned not to sweat the small stuff and I got to hang
around with all the young mothers and they kept me feeling young.

How have you changed?
   Besides gaining 50 pounds, I have discovered that I have a unique
(make that strange) sense of humor. I find pleasure in the little things and
enjoy doing volunteer work. When I was younger I thought the world
revolved around me. But I have discovered a big, beautiful world out there
and I enjoy interacting with it!!!

What has given you the greatest satisfaction in your life?
   Going to college was not an option for me but I knew how important an
education could be. Both my husband and I stressed this to our children
and, for once, they listened!!!!  All 5 have graduated from college and 3
have gone on to obtain their masters.

What do you remember about a classmate?
   One of the things I remember about a classmate is that Dolores
Kaminski was the Ping Pong Champion.
Birthday - August 11
Married  Bill Ranzan in 1957
Five children