Jewell McMillan Dreisbach
676 Belgrove Drive
Kearny, NJ  07032
In 1956 I married the love of my life, Al Dreisbach. In our
49 years of marriage we raised six wonderful children. They
gave us nine terrific grandchildren as an added joy.! It has
never been dull!. Thank God!

When the children were in school full time, I went to Jersey
City State College and  enjoyed studying for a degree in
Special Education to help me with my handicapped son.  
Following graduation,  it was a pleasure to work with my
son and other children with special needs. In our
retirement, Al and I traveled Europe and our beautiful
country.   We enjoyed our friendship throughout the years
with Annaclaire and Bob Maliff.

I remember all the good times that we had in high school.  
Now, I enjoy the fun and laughs we have at our luncheons,
Reunion Dinner, Race Track and Boat Ride!  What a bonus
it is, at this time of my life to renew friendships with
classmates from St. Michael’s  High School.

Birthday- August 10
Married Al  Dreisbach  in 1956
Six  Children