William Leuchten
21 Crystal Road
Mountain Lakes, NJ  07046
After our graduation from St. Michael's High, I attended St. Michael's
College in Vermont. Sr. Julia Anne had encouraged me to
concentrate in chemistry and St. Michael's was the only college that
allowed me to take a rigorous science major while on a basketball

In my junior year I met my future wife, Joyce, who was attending
Trinity College. We were married right after we graduated. My first
job was with Thiokol Chemical Corporation in Trenton where I worked
on the development of sealants and solid rocket propellant. This
project for the government kept me out of the Korean War.

Within five years I changed jobs and went to work for Essex Chemical
Corp., another NJ company, as their technical director. I worked on
the development of sealants and adhesives for the aircraft and
automotive industries. I left the technical area at Essex and worked in
marketing and eventually became the CEO. The company grew from
a half million to a billion dollars in sales with global operations. In
1988 Dow Chemical acquired Essex off the NY Stock Exchange. I
stayed on to head the wholly - owned subsidiary until I retired in

Joyce and I have five children, three girls and two boys. They are all
married and are the parents of our 12 grandchildren. Our children
were able to go to college and some have advanced degrees. Joyce
has been a full time wife and mother but always active in the towns
where we've lived (in New Egypt, Hamilton Square, Denville and for
the last 37 years in Mountain Lakes). In 1971 she was the first
women and first Democrat to be elected to office in Mountain Lakes.

I played basketball until I was 52, and played tennis into my sixties. I
still enjoy skiing. My passion is golf, which I took up at age 56.

I've had a wonderful life growing up in Jersey City, attending St.
Michael's High School and the 50 years since. For this I credit the
TWO St. Michael's, the teachings of my hard-working parents, and a
loving, supportive wife. My children gave me a life perspective and
meaning-- and love. And now our grandchildren are the joy of our
Birthday- March 10
Married Joyce in 1956
Five  Children