In the past fifty years, the birth of my four children,
and the 45 years of marriage to my husband Bill
have meant the most to me. My religion, and the
implicit faith that I have in my Catholic beliefs have
give me my greatest satisfaction.

After the birth of my last child, and her entrance into
the first grade I  returned to the work force. I began
as a bookkeeper, and advanced to director status of a
nonprofit day care center for underprivileged
children.  I attended Montclair State College at
night, completing 115 credits.

In the eighties, I worked for the IRS, then moved to
the Jersey Shore where I  worked for ten years as a
secretary in a local hospital. I retired in 2002.
Joan Horn Dunn
148 Jennings Road
Manahawkin, NJ  08050

Married   Bill Dunn May  1957
Birthday October 21
Children 4