In the past 50 years the two events that have meant
the most to me were marrying my wife, Helen.  She
was from the class of St. Michael's 1951.  We met in
high school and married two years after graduation.  It
was my best decision ever.  The second event was the
birth of our four children.  They have continued to
make me proud throughout the years; especially when
we had our eleven grandchildren.

The two classmates that I remember are:  Ellis
DeCresce for his sense of humor.  He always had us
laughing, particularly in Sister Gabriel's math class.  
The second friend would be Jim Geraghty, who was
one of the brightest people in our class.  He was quite
interesting and showed his mature interests.

My favorite teacher was Sister Francis.  She tried to
improve my spelling.  After several failed attempts, due
to my lack of efforts, she decided on a different tactic.  
She knew that Helen and I were dating, so she looked
up Helen's spelling marks and found they were
excellent.  Sister asked Helen to help me with my
spelling.  Helen took her promise very seriously and on
our Sunday dates she would hear my spelling.  Shortly
after my spelling improved.

In September 1952, I entered St. Peter's College as a
night student and was drafted into army service in July
1953.  I was sent to Army Finance School after basic
training and spent two years preparing payrolls and
discharging the men coming back from Korea.  I
returned to night school at St. Peter's and graduated
in June 1961.  I had an interesting career in sales
management and marketing.  I rose through the ranks
to become National Sales Manager and retired in 1996.  
We had the pleasure of seeing all four of our children
graduate from college and marry successfully.  Our
grandchildren are the icing on the cake.  We recently
attended the college graduation of our oldest
grandchild and two more are in college.  God has been
extremely good to us.  We have been very fortunate
and I am sure it started at Michael's High School.
4 Greenwich Avenue
Manchester, NJ 08759
Birthday: May 8
Married: Helen Martin in 1954
Children: 4