I started in St. Peter’s and discovered that I didn’t know why I was there.  
After floundering into the second semester, I was advised by Fr. Murphy to go down
to the armory to volunteer for the draft.  This permitted me to choose the date on
which I would be drafted, and a 1951 alumnus made it happen.

The army was a blessing disguise as it helped me to mature a bit and provided the
first significant event which was initiated by a GI who was familiar with the California
college system.  I started at Pasadena City College (Rose Bowl Queens come from
here), and after one year I became a resident which allowed me to go to San Jose
State (tuition was $15 and $25 per semester), which turned out to be the #1 party
school in the 50’s according to Playboy Magazine.  What a stroke of luck that
turned out to be.

I joined a national fraternity, SAE.  My second significant event occurred, as I became
my chapter’s treasurer and president.  The saddest day of my social life was
graduation day.

I came back to New Jersey for my last summer vacation where the biggest event
became meeting my bride-to-be.

I returned to California and a job, as an auto parts representative for the entire west
coast.  The first go round of visiting parts stores was a tourist delight on an unlimited
expense account.  With things going well I proposed to Marilyn and married in

It is hard to believe today, but we tired of the sightseeing, good meals and motels.  
As luck would have it there was a manager’s position open in New York City and
back we came.  Then came my next biggest event: triplet sons.  About this time my
company was bought out and they wanted me to go out on the road again.  There
was no way I was going to miss watching my sons grow up and leave Marilyn alone.

I became an insurance agent and was able to spend a lot of time with my boys, and
we did many things together.  We still go camping twice a year.  The result of this is a
lasting relationship, which endures even though all are married.  We all live within
one hour of each other, thank God.

The last, but not least, of my events is being a 21-year member of the US Coast
Guard Auxiliary.  I became a coxswain which means I have been in command of most
of the boat patrols in Raritan Bay for the last 16 summers.  I also volunteer at
Rahway Hospital and the VA home in Menlo Park.
Robert Faleska
102 George St. Carteret, NJ  07080

Birthday- January 1
Married to Marilyn Faleska
3 Children