Ellis DeCresce
301 Binghampton Lane
Livingston, NJ  07039
After high school, the wonderful friends I made at SMHS,
the Korean conflict, and college,  my life finally came
together.  God blessed me one hundred fold.  I married
two beautiful women ( of course not both at the same
time),  They gave me four beautiful children, who are all
successful in their careers.  My business life as a pharmacist
has been rewarding and successful.  I attribute that
success,  not to my business knowledge, but rather to God,
who has always watched over me, and guided me in the
right direction. My greatest  satisfaction in life has been
watching my children grow and succeed in what they
started out to do.

I remember Sr Irene Margaret gave Satch and me advice to
join the Army because for both of us there was no hope of
success in the business world.  She couldn't have been
more wrong!  However, I'm still as whacky as ever!
Birthday- November 11
Four  Children