When I reflect on my four years at St. Michael's High School, I remember the
caring faculty and the close community of students.  The relationships that I
developed in high school made my teenage years very happy and memorable.

After graduation, I attended St. Peter's College and received an excellent Jesuit
education.  My four years at the college provided me with an outstanding
academic education and the foundation necessary to pursue a variety of

I started my career as an auditor for Arthur Young and Company, which was
one of the major public accounting firms.  Public accounting afforded me the
opportunity to learn the intricacies of large corporations, and also was an
orientation into the world of business.

The second phase of my career was in the field of education.  I taught
accounting at Fort Lee High School, and after four years, I was offered the
position of guidance counselor.  Working with teenagers was not only
challenging, but it provided me the most job satisfaction of all my experiences.  
Teenagers have a way of keeping you very alert and young at the same time.  
The most discouraging aspects of this phase of my career were witnessing
some dysfunctional families and seeing the negative effects on their children.

As I approached the end of my career in education, I prepared to become a
Certified Public Accountant, and at the present time, I have an accounting
practice, which includes tax preparation, financial planning, and investment
advice. I am also doing some consulting work for the New Jersey Education
Association.  Periodically, I meet with teachers who intend to retire, and I
calculate their pensions and inform them about their entitlements.

Family life has always been very important to me, and I was lucky to grow up in
a loving and caring family.  Now I am very fortunate to have my own loving and
caring family - a wonderful wife, three terrific daughters, and four very active
grandchildren.  Watching my children and grandchildren grow tops all of the
other events in my life!
Jack Cancalosi
6 Marquette Court
Paramus, NJ  07652
Married - Cathy December 1960
Birthday- June 16