September 5,2002

In 1952 130 Graduated
53 Boys---77Girls

70 classmates, 2 teachers,  and 42guests
will be  attending the 50th Reunion

94  classmates have  been located

21 classsmates are deceasesd

15  classmates have not been found

65 clasmates live in NJ

Classmates living in other states 3 AZ,  2 Ct , 7 FL, 2 IL,
1 MA, 2 MD, 1 NC, 2 NY, 1 OH, 3 PA, 1 RI, 1TX, 2 VA, 1 VT

43  have E-Mail addresses
Dear Classmate!

By the time you read this, we'll have about two weeks to go to the reunion.
Things are just about finished as far as planning goes, now it's up to you to
have a good time. Just don't eat any Capon or Prime Ribs prior to the affair.
There will be one hundred  fourteen people attending ,including our teachers,
Sister Francis Maria, Miss Kinkead, forty-two guests, and seventy of our

We are trying to get a consensus on a brunch for Monday , October 7th  (this
would be casual, with a nominal fee and a cash bar). If you will attend , call
George Fencik at 1-800-443-6743 , so that we can get a count. So far we
have 40+.

Your Reunion Committee has done a fabulous job, and all that's needed now
is a little polishing, dotting the i's, and crossing the t's.

Any questions, you can contact  me at 732-681-5796 or E-Mail

Letter from Bob Maliff