The meeting was held on July 18, 2002 in Edgar’s at 11:45a.m.  
Bob Mailiff was chairman of the meeting.

Present were: Joan Borchers Mooney, Tom Cahill, John Cancalosi, Bob
Faleska, George Fencik , John (Satch)Lancia, Eileen Lyman O’Mara,  
Bob Mailiff, Jewell McMillan Dreisbach,  Barbara McNullty  Parks,  Audrey
Meier Ranzan, Pat Murphy Milne,  Betty Kenny Murray, Bob Oâ
€™Callahan, Barbara Rea, and  Betty Texido (S. Ann M.).

Treasurer’s Report:   George Fencik reported that 79 people had
signed up for the reunion; 68 paid in full and 10 paid $50  deposits .  
A deposit of $250 was paid to Crystal Springs out of the $5,426.00 on

Telephone Committee: Eileen Lyman O’Mara and Joan Borchers
Mooney will call fourteen classmates who have not responded..  A
mailing will be sent to all classmates for whom we have no telephone

Vivian Reidy McElroy sent a thank you for the work of the committee.
Sr. Sheila Holleran, Director of Development for the Sisters of Charity
asked Bob if she could send some information re: the continuing work
of the Sisters of Charity.  The committee decided that they would ask
Sr. Sheila for information and some envelopes for members of the
class to take if they wish to make a donation.

Bob Mailiff has been arranging for a photographer to take a group
picture.  He has found one who is willing to come to take a group
photo at 4:45p.m. or thereabouts and will charge $10 per photo.

Jewell McMillan Dreisbach reported that she had received 34 surveys
back.  She will share with Betty Texido and work with Pat Murphy on
determination of awards.  Betty Texido has only 14 pictures between
those she received and those Jewell received.  She will contact all who
have not sent in pictures by August 1st to remind them.  Since this is
a post reunion publication, pictures can be brought to the reunion.

Betty Kenny Murray has compiled a book of memorabilia.  This is will be
included with the pictures to make a complete memento of the reunion.

Pat Murphy Milne will meet with Jewell to decide number of awards and
who should receive them.  George Fencik will work with her on set up.
Pat and Eileen Lyman O’Mara will be in touch with Crystal Springs
to talk about what type of decorations we can use.

It was decided that John (Satch) Lancia would be the official Reunion

Bob expressed our thanks to Barbara Rea for the set up of the
Memorial page for our deceased members and Betty Kenny for her
work on the memorabilia book.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, September 5 in Edgar’s at
11:45 and a final meeting on September 26.

Submitted by
Betty Texido (Sr. Ann Michele)
July  18, 2002
Reunion Meeting