We had our 4th reunion Meeting May 30, 2002.  We were happy to
welcome Peggy Bergen Strube and Tom Tansey to our group. Other
attendees were Joan Borchers, Tom Cahill, George Fencik, Regina
Kane, Betty Kenny, John Lancia, Eileen Lyman, Pat Murphy, Bob Maliff,
Tom McQuade Bob O’Callahan,  Barbara Rea, and Betty Texido.

Bob opened the meeting by asking George for a treasurer’s report.
George stated that fifty (50) people paid as of this date, and financially
we are in good shape.

Bob reported that all classmate invitations to the Reunion have been
mailed. The invitations ask for a RSVP by Aug 1, 2002. Barbara will
send special invitations to invite Mrs. Regina Muldoon Nienstadt, Sr.
Julia Ann and Sr. Francis Maria.

Pat Murphy, Awards Committee, asked for suggestions on the
number, wording and placement of the award’s captions on the
matted picture. Many offered suggestions. It was left it up to Pat and
the artist who will be completing  the picture.

Joan Borchers, Telephone Committee, asked for direction on a request
to open the 50th Reunion at Crystal PT. to SMHS graduates of
another year. There followed a discussion, ranging from “...sure
welcome every Michaelian�, “... Bette McCloskey said that she
will be running another ALL Michaelian event after the Villa Building is
completed�, “...any of our classmates can invite other people to
the reunion�. The majority voted not to extend an invitation to
another group of a different year, since there would be all Michaelian
event in the future.

Tom McQuade proposed that we budget some money for a memorial
mass for our deceased classmates. The committee voted a unanimous

Jewell McMillan Dreisbach, Questionnaire Committee, asked Bob to
report that she has received only 24 questionnaires. To date we have
contacted 93 graduates. There are still 19 people we have not been
able to contact.

Betty Kenny Murray , Memorabilia Committee, prepared a booklet for
the committee to view. There was discussion on the size of the
booklet, the cover, the school colors, type of printing, color of the
recent individual photo, and the cost. Nothing was finalized. Bob said
that he would remind people to send current classmate pictures to Sr.
Ann (Betty Texido), old school pictures to Betty Kenny, and the
completed questionnaire to Jewell McMillan.

Bob asked if the group wanted to meet in June and or schedule the
next meeting for July. The group voted for a July meeting.

The meeting ended at approximately 3:10 PM.
The next meeting in Edgar's Pub is scheduled for Thursday, July 18, at
11:45 AM.
May 30, 2002
Reunion Meeting