We had our 3rd reunion April 25, it was another good time.  We
had a couple of new faces at this meeting, Pat Murphy and
Regina Kane.  Other attendees were Barbara Rea,George Fencik,
John Lancia, Tom Cahill, Tom McQuade, Jewell McMillan, Eileen
Lyman, Betty Kenny, Joan Borchers, Lucille Curran, Buddy
Noone, Charlie Reilly, Bob Maliff, and Pat Regan.

Bob opened the meeting by asking George to give a treasurerâ
€™s report including the number of people whohave paid their
deposit. We have 37 people paid as of today.  George said if that
anybody has dietary restrictions they should let us know.  The
cost is $75, and George passed around a menu.  Seating
arrangements was discussed and the group concurred that there
will be no planned seating, there will be open seating. We were
able to negotiate unlimited soft drinks. George suggested a
professional DJ for music instead of doing it ourselves. Betty
Kenny suggested bringing a CD player but we decided to go
along with a DJ.

Pat Murphy, Awards Committee, suggested giving a picture of
the school and/or a certificate with laser calligraphy instead of
giving ribbons as awards.  Buddy asked the number of teachers
to be invited. We will invite Sr. Julia Ann and Sr. Francis Maria.

Barbara passed around samples of the Reunion’s printed
invitations. Invitations will be sent out in about 2 weeks.
Enclosed in the invitation is a RSVP card and envelope, directions
and map to Crystal Point Yacht Club, and a brochure with
information about the Crystal Point Inn. Any one wishing to stay
at Crystal Point Inn should make their own reservations.

Jewell, Questionnaire Committee, reported that she has received
23 questionnaires and about 4 recent pictures of graduates. To
date we have contacted 91 graduates.There are still 21 people
we have not been able to contact.

The Phone committee will start making calls to classmates
between June 15 and July 1.  Betty Kenny, Memorabilia
Committee is collecting any pictures or remembrances for a
memory book.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 30 at 11:45 AM
Minutes recorded by Pat Regan Reilly
April 25, 2002
Reunion Meeting